PHP Multi-process 1.1.1 (Beta) Released

I just finished the second edition of the php multi-process script. Implementing it is significantly simpler now, and will allow mysql or sqlite implementation for the cache database.

The PHP Multi-process repository is now available at: http://github.com/jestep/PHP-Multi-process/tree/master.

Also, the usage guidelines can be found at: http://www.saynotoflash.com/scripts/php-multi-process/.

If you discover any problems, please log them here: http://github.com/jestep/PHP-Multi-process/issues

Still needing to implement:
Resource checking is a major component that needs to be addressed. If anyone has any suggestions or experience on how to check available resources, and would like to help out, please let me know.

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  1. Christian 6 Jul, 2009


    how do you pass and receive GET or any other variable from multi_prog to child?

  2. jestep 6 Jul, 2009

    Get the updated version. Basically, you store variables in the cache database. You can send specific variables to each child process.

    $processes[] = array(

    The original 1.1 script only allowed passing the variables via:


    For the children, retrieve the variables via:

    $variables = $mp->getVariables();

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