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20 Great non-PHP Tools for PHP Developers

By nature I always strive to find more efficient, and better ways to perform tasks. There are a number of development tools that I use that really help me develop better applications in a reduced amount of time. These are the tools I use every day for web development.
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US States Snippet and SQL Dump

Here’s some US states snippets. Included are php arrays, and a MySQL states dump…

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25 Point Basic MySQL Setup/Optimization Checklist

Daily I run into new web programmers that are using PHP and MySQL to create their blogs and websites. I created this checklist as a guide for new and experienced to make sure they are covering the basics of a MySQL server setup.

This guide is by no means all inclusive, but should help to cover some of the major gaps in knowledge and commonly overlooked fundamentals that I run into on a daily basis.

The checklist is separated into 5 equal sections: Server Setup, Schema Design, Table Design, Index Optimization, Query Optimization, and a 6th Bonus Tips section.

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